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The data communication facility by DSC (digital selective calling)
DSC(s) are the call of a vessel and a coast station, and dispatch of the distress message from a vessel,
The GPS position information on a self-ship is transmitted using the digital-communications function of DSC (only in case of emergency),
The GPS information on another boat is receivable.
Since an emergency accident can also be told about position information
A possibility of being rescued early is high.

Goods performance
- DSC functional correspondence
- Transmitting output Hi:25W Lo:1W
- It is the waterproofing design of the IPX7 (1 m.30 minute /, front panel) correspondence which can use also for bad weather feeling easy.
- Equip 2 wave reception functions in which the channel for connection and an urgent channel with a friend are automatically receivable by turns.

Height: 60 mm 155 mm in width Depth of 170 mm
Weight: Lightweight compact size of about 920 g